Tailwind Air's Mission: Cut Travel Times Between Boston and Manhattan in Half (or More)

Total One Way Travel Time: Midtown to Midtown: NYC to Boston

Tailwind Air opens up half day work trips to/from Boston and New York and provides a valuable alternative to existing options

Connecting Boston to Manhattan – Fast and Frequent

  • Create a differentiator in attracting businesses and resident to Boston that desire frequent access to Manhattan.
  • Sensibly priced: one-way fares from $295, and last minute fares at $595. Discounted commuter ticket books and plans will be comparable to with last minute Acela and Logan-LGA shuttles.
  • Job Creation – in addition to attracting new business and residents, Tailwind Air will employ customer service, dock and maintenance staff, and base several flight crews.

We believe that an established seaplane service between Boston and NY will create new jobs."

Our Planned Boston Schedule

  • Online Booking will be available in Spring 2021. First flights by summer 2021.
  • Flights are planned to operate 4x daily on weekdays between East 23rd Street in Manhattan and South Boston waterfront.
  • Taxi at idle power – Tailwind aircraft are exponentially less noisy than Logan jets.

Cessna Grand Caravan EX Amphibian

8 seats
Range: ~400 miles

Stay In Touch

Call – 212.328.9145 
Want more information about our Boston service or wish to signup to receive updates? Drop us an email at boston@flytailwind.com


We hope this FAQ will help answer your questions about Tailwind Air – or drop us a line at info@flytailwind.com

The Cessna Grand Caravan EX Amphibian has 8 executive passenger seats.

Operations are from mid-March to early December.

Seaplanes take off and land visually in daytime only (VFR rules) by FAA statute. This means no nighttime or poor weather water takeoffs or landings.

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