10 Pack Commuter Book Boston to/from Provincetown, MA

10 Prepaid One way tickets on our Boston to Provincetown, MA flights. Last seat availability


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Commuter Book Details

What is a ticket book? A ticket book is a virtual pack of prepaid tickets offering substantial savings to individuals, families, companies and groups who travel frequently between any of our destinations. We also have VIP Books, which can be used to all of our destinations.

1 ticket is valid for any one-way flight to or from the selected destination for 1 passenger. For more information, see important terms and conditions at bottom of this form.

If you are purchasing a VIP book, these can be used on any seat and any route we offer. 

What Happens next? Following your online purchase, you will receive a virtual ‘book’ of tickets from our reservation system, which can be used by anyone with access to those unique voucher codes. Further instructions, a private login, and a hearty welcome to the club by a member of our team will ensue. We will also setup an account that will contain all the important information and speed up the booking process.

Unused books are fully refundable. Once a ticket within a book has been used, the remaining value is no longer refundable.

Terms and Conditions: Ticket book reservations can be changed or modified anytime subject to availability. No-shows will not be eligible for a refund.

Unused ticket books expire 2 years after the date of purchase.

Tailwind Air reserves the right to make changes to the program with 30 days notice and will notify customers.

Reservations made with a ticket book voucher are subject to the contract of carriage, baggage limitations, and other restrictions common to all reservations. These can be found on our website flytailwind.com